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I am working on a team of 8 people to develop a new, innovative product for a class assignment at Boston University. We have decided to develop a home bread proofer that can be sold commercially and we really need feedback from experienced home bakers and baking enthusiasts. The survey takes no longer than 5-10 minutes and we would really appreciate all the feedback we can possible get! All feedback is anonymous and will be used for academic purposes only.

The survey can be found at

Thank you so much for your participation, time and feedback. It means a lot to both myself and my team!

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While I like the idea and description, I was immediately turned off by the shape. Nothing could be stacked on it, and the curved space reduces the volume of the proofing area. It looks tall enough for more than one pan but shaped to insure space for only one. A rectangular box could stack. But these are just my thoughts. It looks like something to clutter my counter with, like another toaster oven. A drawer mounted under a cabinet, or that would fit into the drawer under many household stoves would be better. Of course, that's where I keep flat cookie sheets and wire racks, so I'd have to find somewhere else for those.
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I didn't like the shape, either. I said that I wouldn't buy it for myself. I make huge batches of dough, so it would be of little use to me, but it might be nice for someone with fewer children. I would definitely consider something like this for a gift, especially someone who might be heating with wood, whose kitchen might be chilly.

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