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Hello and welcome. I know what you mean about one more electrical appliance. I have the Ultimate Breadman and it sits on my counter next to the toaster, toaster oven, coffee maker, kitchen aid stand mixer, blender, and the Cuisinarts(big/little one) (I hide the crockpot!). I knew if I kept it in the box I'd never use it, and I know it's not good to jiggle it in and out of the box each time I wanted to make bread. I'm having fun with mine, in fact Irish Soda Bread is next on my list. Mine has a dough setting so if I want to bake conventional, I will have the machine make my dough.

My mother has baked bread almost weekly the old-fashioned way for decades...she can't stand the thought of a bread machine in her kitchen!

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I wouldn't bother with a bread maker--I'd pony up the extra cash and get a 7 qt Kenwood mixer. Way more versatile in the kitchen. I have a 12 qt heavy duty little Univex on the floor in the pantry and wouldn't trade it for any amount of bread machines.
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Hi WestendBrit,

It's a pleasure to meet you. I can't answer your question, but I just want to welcome you to cheftalk. There is an equipment forum here; you might try posting your question there as well.
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I have a used welbuilt, my only problem with it is the shape of the loaf and the fact that the blade sticks 1/3 the way into the bread. I enjoy using the machine for the speed and great aroma without the work!!! :D
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I recieved a bread machine two years ago from my mother. I can only relate my experience with this one brand (Goldstar).
I use it mostly for mixing doughs. It is consistent in quality and it's easy to convert recipes to be used in it. However, I prefer to bake the breads in my oven. They seem to turn out more tender. The only upside of baking in it is the fact that it wont heat up your entire kitchen- a wonderful thing in the summer months.

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