bread makers love them or hate them?

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Never used one but seems like something handy if you want fresh bread in the morning .

Do you just dump everything in and it mixes, kneads, ferment, proof, and bake according to your own settings? and also controlling temperature for fermenting and proofing?
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I can't speak for all but ours allows one to use pre-programmed settings or set custom instructions. I believe there is the option of storing up to two sets of custom instructions for one button recall.

Other things to consider would include orientation (ours is horizontal and others are vertical), as well as number of paddles for mixing and kneading. This particular model will alert us at the proper time to add fruits or nuts.

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Mine lets you have a light, medium or dark crust; depending on how you like it. You can leave it overnight to start at what time you need it for the morning with this model, but you need to check the cookbook that comes with it for recipes that can be put in the night before and won't "go off".

I bought mine second hand at thrift store, but was able to download the cookbook on line. Total cost = $8. With all this chat I might drag it out again......
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I experimented with a bread maker for a year with new recipes each month and disliked everything I made. I felt like it didn’t do a good enough job kneading the dough- I could taste milk, flour, yeast- not bread. I gave it away and found a large bowl and wooden spoon did a better job at kneading.

Like others have mentioned I was frustrated with odd loaf shape that was challenging to be useful and with the paddle creating a hole in the bottom of the loaf.

My favorite is now to mix and knead with a Bosch mixer, then bake in the oven.
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We have one. Basically we got it because my wife's older sister is married to a fellow who has some fairly strict dietary restrictions and the only way they could really be sure of what was in the bread was to make it themselves, and they used a breadmaker on almost a daily basis.

All I use it for these days is pizza dough and rolls, which are formed and baked outside of the machine, it just does the mixing.

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Love my bread maker. I got it as a gift 14 plus years ago from a relative. I wasn't strong enough to properly knead dough anymore and they knew how much I loved to bake my own bread. I was skeptical. Made one loaf in the machine and never used it to bake the bread again. Like many of you I simply let it do the kneading and mixing and first rise and do the rest myself. I love the "dough" cycle. Its a chef master machine. It walked off the counter the first time I used it. Huge dent in the front. It's been loyally making dough every week ever since.
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Build me a bread machine that will automatically maintain a sourdough starter and turn it into bread when it grows too big.
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I have two breadmachines and I love them both!  One is an older model that makes the round loaves, so that one I use only for dough and not for making actual bread that we will eat.  The other is a new one that I picked up at a yard sale for $15 and I'm happy with it.  I use it at least once a week for bread making and if we have pizza I have two breadmakers going at the same time making dough.
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How a beautiful life it is ! and you are a excellent chef of bread, arn't you ! 
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How a beautiful life it is ! and you are a excellent chef of bread, arn't you ! 
Welcome to Cheftalk. Easy on the snarkiness, Leeniek is just saying she likes hers...not that she is the Queen of Bread.
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Earlier I used the breadmaker machine and I was pretty satisfied with the results, but nowadays I try to make the bread by my hands not because somethinf is wrong with my breadmaker, but just because I like the process of making. 
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But there are also the cases when the breadmakers are broken without any serious reasons. Such cases happened with my friends.
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We have a Zojirushi that we love. We don't let it actually bake the bread but use it to mix and knead the dough. We form and perform the final rise manually prior to baking in the oven.

When shopping for the original, I kept seeing reviews that used the Zojirushi as the yardstick. So I bought the yardstick.

Our King Arthur flour cookbook presented the opinion that the bread machine does a better job of mixing and kneading than a stand mixer or by hand. True? Maybe, but we still find it convenient.
You know I have read of people doing this and I don't understand Cabo why even buy the bread maker. Just buy a kitchen aid mixer.

Recently ChefTalk received the newest zojirushi bread maker model and so far it is actually pretty decent. The main gripe I have is that it does not cook the top of the bread enough. I am testing some ways to remedy this but it seems like an expensive appliance and you should not have to fiddle with it to get it to work right. Another thing I have learned is that it has two paddles for mixing which is excellent. As a result when I use Beth Hensperger's recipes (Bread Baking cookbook) you do not need to add wheat gluten. With the breadman bread maker you do.

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