Bread Baking Related Hives?

Joined Nov 2, 2009

I am a pastry student and have been studying boulangerie, artisan breads, for the past two weeks. We have class Monday through Thursday, and, without fail, by Thursday my lower arms are covered in small, irritated red hives. Last week we took a four day intro class into Sugar and Chocolaterie, and I found out I am very allergic to latex gloves. I only wore the gloves for one day, but my right hand still has a multitude of medium sized red, irritated bumps. Could the hives on my lower arms be caused by the ones on my right hand? Or could I be allergic to yeast, flour, etc? The only new thing I've noticed is that my hand became a little swollen and red after working in a poolish and levain-levure, which led to my yeast theory :)

In any case, just wanted to know if any other bakers have had issues with hives, or if anyone has any info regarding my "direct contact with yeast = hives" theory.


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