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    I am currently planning on starting a bread bakery which will serve different types of bread including, French bagguette, Ciabatta, Croissent, Rye, Focaccia, etc, through two retail outlets initially

    A very important factor that I need to keep is to ensure the absolute freshness of the product, and that the product is baked infront of the customers

    I am currently in the process of developing the feasibility study, and understanding the key requirements of the project. I would appreciate your input on two main areas:

    - The key equipment required to the lowest level of detail that you can provide (as your time permit) for the different types of breads

    - Proposed layout for the kitchen and space required for the kitchen

    - Sources for Chefs (Permenant and for Training Staff)

    - Short term bread baking classes in Europe - but really top notch - preferably in London, Paris or Germany

    - In valuable input on the operations to ensure the two factors mentioned above (freshness, live baking)

    - Experts in the feild that I can have phone calls with, to address some of my questions

    - Bakery Exhibitions that would make sense for me to attend

    I realize that the questions are more like 101 baking, and many of the input have really advised me against this because I am not experienced in the feild. However, I am really determinant on taking this step, ofcourse after researching and understanding it properly. I also realize that my learning would come at considerable cost, but hopefully success would be acheived over the medium term

    Also, any sources for the requested points above would be highly appreciated

    Looking forward to your feedback 


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    If this is not some type of school project or something. Please PM me a bio and maybe I can give you a hand. You may want to build some type of international skilled help, including education and housing. Viet Nam is a great source for French Bakers, but it's dwindling fast.


    BTW Jealously is a huge ingredient in the negativity you will hear.
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