Brasato - the italian slow roasted beef dish - which cut to use?

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Hi, I'm planning an Holiday dinner and have in the menu Brasato al Barolo.

Which meat cut is best for this dish? Thanks for your help!

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Short google turned up a consensus of boneless chuck roast....

Which by the way would hit the spot about now (close to lunchtime and I have been to busy to eat yet ).


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the best meat for Brasato it's the muscle part of beef , the most important for brasato beef ,the meat it's must be not lean meat, whit out the bones .

Is better marinaded the meat whit carrots, onions, celery, black pepper, ground salt, laurel, garlic,just a little dried Porcini ,end the end good red wine for 24 hours

you can ask your butcher the best fat meat for brasato I'm  can not traslate in english the best part name of beef

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