Brand New to Baking

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I have been in the restaurant world for about 10 years and am pretty new to the BOH. I've been a server, Manager, and GM, but am now starting in prep cook/line cook territory at an awesome pizza place.

I am extremely interested in started a small bagel and bialy shop and the owner of the pizza place has so kindly offered his kitchen and equipment as a commissary kitchen to experiment. I have a couple recipes I'm messing around with, but does anyone have recommendations for resources for brand new bakers? I dont eant to read anymore about "home cooking", but want to know about baking high quality, hand made bagels in high quantities. Videos are welcome too! Thanks.
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Hans Welker: Professional Bread Baking

For what you are pursuing, I feel like this may best fit your needs. Not a all purpose baking book like most, and not a home baking book. Very focused on bread, and larger batch mixing, bakers percentages and commercial SOP.

Not sure how detailed you want to get with your recipes, or how much tweaking you want to do, but I also highly recommend Modernist Bread. Great info on ingredients and techniques.
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