Branching off into a new business. Seeking advice on food that is great to reheat.

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I am currently the executive chef at a small bar and grill. The owner and I have partnered up to start a new business where we are making pre-portioned meals for clients. We are targeting people that are looking for meals that are healthy but convenient. I am trying to keep the food at a restaurant quality but it must all be heat and eat. I am trying to make food that would make sense on a restaurant menu. I'm not looking for high end but I don't want to serve chicken, brown rice and broccoli. Our menu currently is around 500 calories per meal and 1500 per day with three meals a day. I am interested in any and all ideas. Pinterest has worn me out with housewife recipes. I need some professionals help.
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Salads, casseroles, lasagna are the first three items that come to mind. Of course, salads doesn't have to include lettuce although there are numerous varieties of lettuce you could use. Salads can be made from just about anything. Casseroles may not be the best summer choice but are infinitely variable. Lasagna doesn't have to be all meat and cheese. Chicken, seafood and veggie can all be lasagna. 

Sandwiches for lunches. Quiches and frittatas might work. 

I'll come up with more later. 
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