braised fish?

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My brother, who lives in NY, told me he went to Craft and had braised monkfish. In all my 12 years of cooking , I have never heard of braising fish , but now he wants to know how to make it.
Is there anyone out there who works at Craft who knows how to do this or does anyone else have any ideas?
I sure would appreciate it.

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I don't work at Craft,although I have had a couple great meals there.

Braising fish is really not that uncommon.

The same braising techniques used for meats and poultry apply here as well. The time of cooking is adjusted ofcourse to suit the vegetable or animal protien your cooking.

Monkfish comes to mind as a great canidate for braising,as does whole snappers.

Simply sear the suspect,then deglaze and add your liquid,cover and pan braise in the oven until the colligen starts to pearl on the flesh. That's it!
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I braise fish all the time. Around our house, we're always saying, There's nothing as good as a nice biece of fresh fish.

... Ooops, looks like selective dyslexia kicked in again. :blush: :lol:
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So, what do you do? What kind of liquid, aromatics, etc do you use? Have you done monkfish? I am very curious...Thanks.:confused:

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