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First of all, if this thread already exists somewhere on ChefTalk, let me know and let this one sink.

Dont you guys just love sitting with your colleagues having a beer and brainstorming? Just talking food. Or that rush of creativity while you're working. My thoughts were that we could have a thread like that in here, without having someone telling us that apples and caramel actually works out great together. What kind of twisted things and ideas are you working with nowadays?

Where I work we set a new menu from day to day, minimum 3 courses, and have "no" guidelines. We do whatever we want. From locally (scandinavia) produced to asian style. French classic cuisine to fusion. We want new ideas. Do you have any?

Tomorrow our first dish will be a "carpaccio" made from smoked reindeer hearts served with a GinTonic sherbet and blueberries as the dominant components. Ideas, tips? Anyone done something like it? First time for us.

What are you up to?
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It's nice to brainstorm when each participant has a different specialty and can bring a different idea on the table. If everyone is passionate about barbecuing his own way, the brainstorming will end up a pee contest-- no pun intended.
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They weren't Santa's were they? 

If they weren't then blue vein and Portugese quince marmalde


mix up a scone mix then add some yeast. Instead of baking pan fry them in dripping (lamb). I remember seeing it in my Nanna's hand written recipe book. I always wanted to try it with carpaccio as my mum remembers the yeasted scones being the most fantastic thing to have with cheese, so combine them on the same plate it should work. It's also a very old recipe which would be keeping with the age of the dish. 

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