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    Has anyone tried the Breville 14 cup BPA free food processor?  Their video looks impressive.  I see now that Kitchen Aid has come out with a 13 cup BPA free food processor.  For the longest time they did not want to address the BPA issue and many people, including myself, sent a message to the company about this.  Now that Breville has come out with one, that may have prompted them to make one as well.  That is good news.  Do not know if the FP is made in America.  That would increase sales even more.  I like the fact that the Breville was made in Australia. 

    Any ideas on how to grind meat without using a meat grinder or food processor.  Is there a good way to use knives to grind the meat.  I am debating whether I need to buy a food processor since I do not have tons of space and wonder how much I will use it.  Does a Vita Mix (which is now BPA free) do a good job of grinding meat?  I know I would use this a lot for green smoothies and if it grinds meat as well then that would be good.