Boxed Lunches/Bento Boxes

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Any of you guys running this kind of stuff out of your kitchens? This would be a grab and go from a cold case, to be eaten cold or reheated, type of thing.

Got some preliminary specs from the Powers That Be, and I'm worried about packaging cost. Hitting around $0.90-1.25 per meal. Of course, gotta check more suppliers. I'm hoping that we aren't wedded to all this bio-hippie packaging. I just don't understand why a recycled paperboard box costs more then one made of virgin fiber.
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I have no idea why the recycled paper stuff costs what it does... part of me wants to say that they charge more because people will pay but I do believe there are costs involved in producing the product.

I've only done takeout... they call it in and we get it ready for them to go and I've only ever had styrofoam containers... Bad I know but they can be recycled...

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