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Hi I am a home cook and I am planning a dinner party on Friday for 5 friends. I am planning on serving Bourride of fish only as my home is Kosher. I was wondering if I could add a twist on the Bourride by poaching the fish in olive oil and serving it on top of a toasted bread that has been covered in the Bourride soup. I was wondering if any of you could advice on the following questions:

1.) how long do I poach a 6 ounce fish fillet in the oil?

2.) can I poach all six fillets in the oil or 3 at a time? ( I am the cook and hostess so I dont want to be in the kitchen too long away from my guests)

3.) any suggestions for side dishes besides the usual vegetables that go with Bourride?

4.) is it ok to make the bourride soup ahead of time without the fish ofcourse?

Thank you so much for your future comments. BTW I am planning on using sea bass for my fish.

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