Bourdain Unleashes on Fellow Food Network Stars

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Uh oh!

You know, it's about time someone spoke up and said things the way they really are! I'm glad Anthony came up to the plate and spoke the truth! Had someone done this with Mtv 25 years ago they'd still be playing music videos today!

Here's the LINK.

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Great read, I agree Chrose I hope it was as "good for him as it was for me":eek:

Some of the comments were just as good!:smokin
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Ya that's great. Now if only we could get the rest of the population to agree with us, we might be able to put an end to this insulting array of crap.
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Haha...the Rachey Ray thing made me laugh the hardest I have this month so far.
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Bourdain is a self aggrandizing boor.

That being said, Food TV, and it's "Stars" are a bore as well.
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What a treat for my eyeballs!
After reading Bourdain it feels like time well spent at a pub with good friends discussing food and the personalities, no holds barred.
Honesty with an edge.
I've worked in kitchens for 20+ years, seen my chef removed during service in handcuffs, had to make turniquits for dimwits during dinner service, heard jokes and words so filthy you would not believe and seen more beautiful food and beautiful minds than you could shake a stick at.
Respect and love of the highest order go out to the hard working, true chefs putting in their 60+ hours a week. My hats off.

Everyonce in a while there is a smidgen of real food on the FN, but not mostly, not mostly........
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Yes, I have been very well satisfied. I'm quite sure I will go have a beer now. I am quite sure my day is complete.

Thank you, Mr. Bourdain!!! Thank you.
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I have never watched FN, so I can't relate to the personalities and their traits, but I had a blast reading it!
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Tony's still 'the man.'

It's nice to see someone who has enough courage to take a shot at one of the hands that feeds him.

Good job, chef!

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I cant really comment on the characters because i have never seen them, but i can only guess and thats based on Uk telly chefs. Its bloody awful.

HOWEVER all these awful telly chefs have created a much larger interest in food and not convenience food. Even the worst telly chefs no matter what they might come up with, is irespective as long as its fresh produce.

You look in any book store today and there are hundreds of recipe books, ten years ago we had to go to specialist stores.

So the moral is, they might be absolute crap on telly and in a real kitchen BUT they are doing their bit to get people of TV dinners and back to real food, where we as Chefs benefit in the long run.

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