bought the restuarant & survived, but..

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To follow up with Pete's comments....I have friends that have static menus ontwo pages and then have a Daily menu change...they tried to eliminate a few dishes in the past on the static menu and HEARD about it from the customers. Needless to say you may tire of making something but loyal customers may come to eat that one thing.

I have another friend with multiple restaurants, when he left his main one the charcuterie that they are known for stopped...the chef did not wanna spend time on breaking down animals and made a few pates but nothing like before. I used to take out of town chefs there because that's what made it special.....I wonder if they've heard enough comments, I've not been in in months....

I have multiple restaurant buddies that change their menus daily...those are the most creative, farmer friendly restauranteurs.....they do well printing new menus every day....of course they have favs that seem to appear regularly (signiture dishes).

One of my dear friends moved back into town after 10 years and opened a restaurant much like the ones he had previously, he has consistant bread selection with pear butter and then the menu changes weekly.

My personal cheffing clients have favorites that appear on a regular basis, thank goodness they like me to play too.....but after 7 years and asking for feedback I know the boundries....that is may suggestion to you. Walk the front of the restaurant and talk to customers.
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I feel like I am in this situation,but in a reverse role.
I have worked in my place of employment for 15 years now. Started as a dishwasher and now I am Sous chef(but basicly I am the exec of the operation, just not the title).

The owners are two reat guys to work for , but are scared or unwilling(can't figure it out) to change or update the menu at all.

I ,for one, and my staff fell as if or creativity is being wasted because we cook the same menu day in and day out, season after season.(I have ben cooking for the last 9 or so years)

If I was the chef at your operation I would love to be in his shoes.I would feel as if it was a new lease on life so to speak.

How old of a person are we talking about? If he is older he just might be scared of change because he has gotten use to the daily routine.

As for the remarkes behind your back, those arre uncalled for. That would be grounds enough for me to terminate him on the spot.(now the legallity of this situation is another story)

I agree with everyone else in trying to work things out gradually, but not if it is going to hinder YOUR PLANS for YOUR restaurant in the long run.

I hope you get everything worked out.

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Your restaurant! Your money!! Your a s s on the line!! Your way or the highway. I'm sorry, but I'm old school. Lead, follow or get the f*ck out of the way. Where are you Angelica? For guaranteed 52k, I'll give you a new menu, fix you some fine specials AND make you laugh. I'd throw the bum out the door. Probably bodily. I do NOT appreciate challenges to my authority by subordinates. This is a good opportunity for you to make an example of this clown. You can show the other employees that you can be a good and generous boss to them, but if they screw you, they're seriously done. Nothing wrong with a little healthy respect for you. It shows them that you do what you say. My opinion.
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You have my sympathy.
I did once have a similar situation with my head waiter. We went for months with him working against me and eventually I had to 'let him go'.
I found the whole experience stressful and unpleasant but it didn't last long and everyone left was the better for it.
Courage, mon brave!

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One other thing I forgot. Use this fools ego against him. Tell him that "it just isn't working out" and you're giving him a choice to quit or be fired. One comes with reference, one DOES NOT. If he's stupid and proud, (hopefully) he will quit and deny HIMSELF unemployment credit. This is a beautiful thing and never fails to amaze me.
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I'm with Mofo 110% on this one. Greta Chefs may not be a dime a dozen, but they are $52G's a dozen, you have no need to pamper this guy, especially in this market. You give him a new job description tomorrow. Write him up a day later when he violates some portion of that description (and he will), then fire him when he does it again (and he will). This way you have no references to write, and no unemployment to file because he was fired for "just cause"

I've been in this business for 23 years, and it is a cut-throat, kill-or-be-killed business. Remember to resist the natural urge to be friends with your employees, because that only leads to them being able to manipulate you. You are in this business to make money not friends, I hope. Please don't say you are one of those "gee-wouldn't-it-be-fun-to-own-a-restaurant" types.

So find your new chef, heck hire him/her on as a new sous if you need to. Your current Chef's seniority was with the previous owners. He started with you as a new employee just like the rest of the staff. Can him and move on. The transition may be hard, but not near as hard as being pushed around by your own employees ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Hope this helps.

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interview him for the job, let him see you are prepaired to look at his resume for the position.
You have gotten a lot of great advice here hope all works out for the best
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lost 1/2 of my message in essence make him redundant change the role to kitchen manager with cooking abilities.
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Hooray!!! XYZ, a giant corporation, has just bought our company and the first level managers, a bunch of lazy fat cats, are unhappy. Some have chosen to leave the company because things will now be done the XYZ way instead of theirs. GREAT!!!! Change eliminates stagnation.

No prejudice here. Butt, up until now I have been afraid to complain about my supervisor who is a flaming queen and makes personal - nonprofessional - remarks. Hopefully he's leaving with 8 weeks. Thank you XYZ. See any parallel?

Nothing insinuated against gays.
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Maybe you should hire another chef. where is your place?If there is an opening i may be interested. please e-mail me if you are interested. "[email protected]. remember that it is your place and your vision never lose sight of that. it is important that everyone respect and get along with each other.if there is a cog out of place the wheel will not spin smoothly.
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It's not unusual for a chef to jump ship when a new owner comes in. He/she has been used to doing things "as they liked" because there was either an uninterested party at the checkbook or because the chef strongarmed the previous owner.

If you purchased a restaurant to flex your own culinary muscle by menu designing, developing specials, experimenting with breads and desserts, etc., then this chef must understand you sign the checks AND the walking papers. (Keep in mind, I saw 30 responses to this thread, haven't read them all and this may very well be a moot point.)

This person must understand, he is an employee. Yes, you want to show a chef respect, you want to accept input, etc. but YOU as the owner must be satisfied. Sounds to me like some new life needs to be breathed into your establishment. Start interviewing new chefs NOW if the present one doesn't want to march in formation.
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In an earlier post in this thread I made a sarcastic post against a supervisor at my jobsite who is gay. Nothing was insinuated against gays, just against him solely since he couldn't keep his sexuality to himself ON THE JOB.

I posted this here comment because my earlier post has offended someone who contacted me personally. That person suggested that I file a sexual harrassment complaint. Well, filing a complaint can get onesself into more trouble than anticipated. Besides, he's leaving the company so it's a moot point.

The original post was never intended to poke at any group or orientation but I can, indeed, be sarcastic.
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Hey kokopuffs , Ive read both of your threads and I see nothing bad for you to apologize about . Wrong behavior is wrong behavior no matter what the sexual orientation . Yesterday at my hospital a man was fired from a very high position as the director of social services . He was a homosexual who had just recently come out of the closet after 10 years of marriage and 3 children .
His whole life revolved around his lover and his sexual orientation.
No matter what was going on at work he could not help himself from bringing his sexual orientation and his lover into the conversation . This was extremely embarrasing and frustrating for the employees , patients , and family members who came to visit .
After he was termed yesterday there was a collective sigh of relief from the staff that finally somthing had been done to right a wrong . As a manager I know that this behavior was allowed to go on so long for fear of a discrimination suit but documentation and action was way to slow in coming . An hourly employee would hve been given the boot for that kind of behavior much more quickly . All I can add for my 2 cents is right is right and wrong is wrong and I do believe in KARMA .......
Of course thats just my opinion.......................................
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