Boss wants me to help develop method and train, feeling under paid (12/hr)

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I really have trouble subscribing to the feeling that someone who wants to
be paid what they feel is equal to what they are [now] being asked to do, is
just being a crybaby.
That said, I'm wondering why you took this job at that rate of pay if you're unhappy with it.
And you did quit the previous one.
My advice is that, since you already seem unhappy at this small business, you either
bide your time while looking for something else, or you sit your boss down and just say
something similar to what you said here.....

Yes I want to get paid commensurate with my skills and training. Making bagels for 12$ is one thing, using my skills and training I got at higher paying establishments to act as an executive chef doesn't sit right with me when I know there's no advancement opportunities.

After all, he hired you to do one thing, and is asking more of you now.
If he doesn't think that's WORTH more, he'll tell you, and then you will know.
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Update: was just going to give two weeks and find a new job. But then boss said "BTW you're next paycheck is going to have a raise in it we normally give raises after a month" so I sat on it for a week and then after another week decided it still probably wasn't going to be enough however much it was going to be.

Also right then I got a call from this luxury resort who's head pastry chef I ran into randomly and later went in and asked for an internship. She told me she would hire me as a cook four and give me baking shifts too. So that's pretty cool. I do a lot of food running and other things I'm not that into but it's a good foot in the door for where I want to be and the pay is almost double (23$/hr).

Don't really know how the other place hires anyone at their rates. I guess being cool goes a long way. Barista was telling me she averages pretty close to thirty dollars an hour per shift. She also told me there was a lot of problems keeping bakers before me so makes me feel better.

They did bump my pay to fourteen and I offered to stay on one day a week but guess they didn't need that but it wouldn't have worked out anyway since I'm on call a lot and just work whenever.

Got scoldings at the resort today for not being completely clean shaven and I guess my tattoo is visible through my chefs jacket so kinda depressed but I know it's the best I can do and it's where I want to be. Just kinda brought me down to earth a little bit about working for a corporate whatever and not just the neighborhood bakery.
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A bizarre comment? ... NO ... not at all. It's a comment based on previously being a boss. It's a comment based on having worked this industry for a very long time. It's a comment based on having to deal with lots of people that think they are so overqualified for their job that they are doing the boss a favor just to work for them. It's a comment based on the facts of life are that $12/hr. is good enough pay for the position you described. It's a coffee shop. You are not a Michelin chef.

Yeah, it was a bizarre comment. "Just a coffee shop..." Maybe you're thinking all-night diner/hash house. I'm thinking of something a little more upscale though don't know for sure. "Coffee shops" have gotten pretty swank in the last 20 years or so in case you haven't noticed. $12 an hour is not enough to train employees how to bake, especially ones who likely couldn't even identify the ovens unless they were on and hot.
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