Bosch gas oven not lighting

Joined Apr 6, 2010
one minute, it worked; the next—zip. 

we have a 30" bosch gas range/oven that we bought in 2007. so far, it's been great. friday, however, i went to roast some mirepoix for stock and the oven was still cold after "preheating" for 30 mins. i checked the broiler—nothing. the range still works, but you can't even manually ignite the broiler or oven.

any suggestions? 
Joined Sep 18, 2008
Sounds like the pilot, assuming it is NOT started with an electronic igniter, when out and the "safety valve" needs to be reheated, i.e. there's a valve with a "push to start" that will let you light the pilot, then hold the button for, oh, 60 seconds to let the thermocouple open the main gas valve.
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