Bordeaux - looking for a reference.

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Chateau d'Yquem is my favourite wine. Ever. I decided I need to branch out a bit and learn more about the other, equally tasty Bordeaux wines out there - but I'm not sure what a good reference would be. I've perused the food and wine section at Barnes and Noble to no avail - suggestions?
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Well Brie,

You have good taste $$$$

Try Hugh Johnsons pocket wine book.

Robert Parkers Wine Advocate is a great publication.
The book "Bordeaux"by Parker is great.

Andre Domine book "Wine" is simply the best.

Would love to hear some TNs on d'Yquem from you.


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My favorite wine book is "The Essential Wine Book" by Oz Clarke. It may be short on specifics about individual wines or wineries but does a really good job of giving a brief overview of most of the world's wine making regions, with some examples of wines that really showcase what each region is all about.
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