boosting up the bottom line on the dessert menu

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hey all. i had to do a project for my menus class. we had to make a restaurant and make all the menus for it. i was working on the dessert menu last night and the thought came to me a few days ago that i would like to imcorperate drinks in there too like espresso, cappacino, coffee and tea. however, i dont think.... in these days.. in an up scale restaurant that it would be roght to just call it coffee or just call it tea.

i was wondering if maybe anyone could recomend a good book on coffee or tea that might be able to boost sales.

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Maxwell house has a coffee cookbook out (that I own). There's a new Tea magazine at book stores.

Unless I'm totally out of touch, rich people just want a cup of coffee or an espresso. Really rich people tend to like things rather simple.

It's a middle class buyer that will buy fancy coffee drinks in a wanttobe upscale restaurant.

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