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Could someone suggest me some very good/best books about these topics?

- cheese and yogurt homemaking
- pickles, relishes, preserves and pickles homemaking
- pasta homemaking
- wine homemaking

Thanks to all in advance
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My favorite pasta reference book is "The Pasta Bible" by Jeni Wright.

While I hate cooking by recipe, this book has some great tips for methods more than recipes.

As for the "wine homemaking", I have a glass of wine as I vacuum. Does that count? lol.
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For the pickles, relishes, and prerserves I would suggest the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving edited by Judi Kingry and Lauren Devine and if your looking for a good recipe for relish check out the articles here on I am a bit bias since it is my recipe but it is a good one. There are also several other home preserving articles on there too. Good Luck
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