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Hello to everyone,

   I just found this website after looking for a place to learn and talk about food. I am a young college student that is pretty new to cooking, I'm not studying cooking but only because I just found my love for building flavors, but I really enjoy how it brings people together for a while. I'm really considering a culinary education but have been discouraged by family and friends before. My favorite things to cook are soups because I feel like I learn something new about a technique or ingredient every time I try a new recipe and the robust flavors that come from a fresh soup crafted from fresh broth or stock.

   I say " Bonjou " for two reason, one being because I love the cooking techniques of the French and think that learning and conquering those techniques will give me a foundation to expand on everything I want to taste. My second reason for using "Bonjou" is because I was born and raised in Miami and feel the presence of the creole and caribbean cooking culture. I enjoy the bright and fresh tastes that come from those cooking worlds.

   So to everyone out there, I am here to learn, enjoy, and taste something new every time I log on to what looks like a great place to talk to chefs




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Bonjour! Welcome I think you will enjoy very much the community of people here. We are a friendly helpful bunch. 

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