Bone broth

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So I'm making this bone broth today and I'm not sure how long to cook it. When I make chicken stock I let it cook for about 3 hrs. I don't have a slow cooker, which suggests a 24-48 hr cook, just a regular stock pot.
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13 hours in slow cooker (210F) pretty much dissolves all cartilage and leaves bones a mush.  I start with cold water bringing to boil on stove and transfer to slow cooker, skim along the way. Strain/press thru 4 layers of cheese cloth, let additional scum rise and skim.  Reduce by 1/3 to remove unwanted volatiles.
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I made a batch from turkey backs sans skin and oysters.  I roasted the backs for 20min. with half an onion, a carrot and two large cloves of garlic.  Transferred that to my crock pot and topped with cold water, whole pepper corns, thyme sprigs and fresh parsley then sealed the top with cling and set my PID for 195f and let it run for 48hrs.

When done I lifted out the backs, veg and aromatics and let rest.  Then I ladled it into different containers.  The large one is the top 2/3rds., the smaller one the last 1/3rd. and the measuring cup was strained through cheese cloth.  I'm very impressed with the process and the end result.  Rich, velvety and unctuous describes it pretty well.  I noticed that bone near an articulation had crumbled - it had given up its mineral content which I believe is the Ayurvedic goal of "Bone Broth".

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