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Bon Jour,

I found this site while looking for a the pros and cons of Shun vs. MAC knives.  I work in a very small fine dining kitchen that is only open for 3 months out of each year.  We work like dogs, then play hard.  

Because we are so small it is just chef and myself.  I do all the prep, all the set up, do the dishes, wipe the front house noses, act like mommy and then swear like daddy.   I follow the rule that my answer is always "Yes Chef".  I enjoy the fact that we work so well very few words.  I just know what I need to do to make his job complete.   We take a lot of pride in our food and presentation and want it perfect each time.  We use fresh flower and herbs for garnish along with seasonal fruits.  

I like that we are small seating only 24 inside and 24 outside.  We do two seatings each nite and therefore it is almost predictable.

I don't have a diverse resume but more straight forward loyalty and old school values.

That is me and Merci' for forum.
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Welcome to ChefTalk.

Goodness, that's a lot of roles in your work situation - but it obviously suits you!  Three months of really hard work and then nine months off?  Lots of people would say that was their idea of heaven...   I'm not so sure!

We have a diverse membership here, with members from around the world - which makes for interesting 'conversations' sometimes.  The wikis, blogs, articles, reviews and photographs are all well worth viewing, too - but I suspect that with your manic work schedule during your 'on' time, that may be a luxury you will need to defer until you finish your 'on' season.  Our members are also at all levels of expertise, from those just starting out on their culinary adventure to master chefs - and all points in between.

Feel free to join in on any thread you find of interest, or start your own in the relevant forum.  The professional fora are read-only except for those of you in the culinary trades, and you may find like-minded people to discuss any matters pertaining to your working practices.

Hope to see you round the boards when things quieten down for you.
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Thank you for the welcome.  My title is sous but I feel it is more do everything that needs to be done.  We do have dishwashers but I jump in when needed.  So now on 6 hours sleep I am getting ready to go in again.  

I think the joy is that when chef and I are both working it is a perfect dance, few words, and yet beautiful food put out with precession.

I hope in the time between work and sleep, I can keep reading, asking questions and giving thoughtful replies.
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