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    At home cook
    A big hello from Canada! least from Montreal.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

    I am an at-home cook and am always looking for new tips and tricks, new dishes and new ways to make old recipes different.

    Looking forward to lots of info and exchange...and maybe I'll share a few tips and tricks of my own!  

    YUM!   /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif  
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    Cook At Home
    Bienvenue, Jamie! We're glad you found us and know you'll enjoy being part of the community. I'm a home cook too and can attest to the huge improvement in my own cooking and baking since becoming a member here almost 14 years ago. It's wonderful how welcoming the other members are, professionals and home cooks alike. 

    The discussion forums are certainly a rich source of advice and ideas. Going back so far in time, you'll need to use the search tool to dig through it all. Should you decide to add to a discussion you find, be aware that it may have paused years ago! But the forums are just part of the story here: there are excellent cooking articles (many by our members), reviews of cooking equipment and cookbooks, photo galleries and more. One policy of which you should be be especially aware is that while the professional forums here are for everyone to read and learn from, we home cooks mustn't post there. They're reserved for the pros' discussions. However, everyone takes part in the general forums, so you'll get your posted questions answered there.

    Dive in and enjoy! We hope you'll take part often, grow as a cook and share your ideas with others.