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Everyone get to read Bon Apetit's "How America Eats" poll results yet? Some of the results are quite interesting. For example:

64% think they are almost as good as a professional

46% thought Mom was almost as good as a professional

67% said cooking schools are a dream vacation

Kinda gives you an idea what the public thinks of chefs eh? :)

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hmmm..... makes me wonder where some of these people are eating.....
and i guess my dream vacation is a whole lot different than theirs...
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Not trying to be cynical, but who are the real readers of Bon Apetit? Are they restaurant types? Probably not. Are they Joe Sixpack? Probably not. Look at the advertisements... that will clue you in as to who the target audience is. Same crew that pulls off a Martha Stewart-like event and thinks they can start their catering business the next day.
Again, not trying to be cynical, but preparing decent food is only part of being professional. Ok, I'm done...
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...I guess I'm not done....
Did you happen to notice the section on "Favorite Condiment"?
Favorite... Dijon Mustard and Salsa. Least favorite - relish and yellow mustard. Hmmm... dijon on a hot dog? :confused:


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I know Jim, I couldn't believe it, yellow mustard ranked so low. I am sorry but I love yellow mustard (I love all mustards!!!) There are 3 things that must have yellow mustard!

#1. A hamburger (Im a purist when it comes to burgers-ketchup, mustard, pickle and raw onion. That's it nothing else, no bacon, cheese or any of those combos that you find popping up on menus everywhere)
#2. A hot dog (other sausage type foods do much better with other mustards but a hot dog must have yellow mustard)
#3. Egg Salad (Egg Salad with dijon?! Sorry it just doesn't cut it. Egg Salad should be made with yellow mustard and then 1/2 mayo and 1/2 miracle whip)

I know (in this day and age) I have probably just labelled myself a heretic for speaking out against dijon. Go ahead and burn me at the steak, but as you are toasting weinies over my ashes, you had better be topping them with yellow mustard!!!!!!:D :D :D

As for people thinking they are as good as professionals when it comes to cooking, if they had come to my Country Club the percentage would have been much, much higher!!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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Clearly, you guys don't live with a mustard snob who would sooner go without than eat yellow mustard! :rolleyes: But I kind of have to agree with him. To me, something like French's just tastes of vinegar and turmeric. Even cheap dijon has more mustard flavor.

But to get back to the poll -- to be honest, I've never thought that BA was a magazine for, well, let's just remember that in the "Millennium Special" edition, "The American Century in Food," milestones included products new to market for each decade: French's mustard and Dr Pepper (1904), Kool-Aid (1927), Miracle Whip (1935), and so on. Not exactly top-tier fare.

Anyway, these might be the same folks who voted Cheesecake Factory their favorite place for dessert in CitySearch's poll. :eek: :eek:
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Pete, I can forgive you the yellow mustard. But the Miracle Whip.... blech!! Much, much too sweet for me.

Yellow mustard does not taste of mustard, IMHO. But whatever it does taste like, to my palate it's inseparable from a snapping-good Kosher hot dog or a nice, thick charred/rare burger with raw red onion.

American potato salad needs the yellow stuff- nothing stronger! Frankly, I can't taste the potatoes with stronger mustard.

End of rant!


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I never liked yellow mustard. I don't want it on my food and in France it doesn't even exist. It's Dijon or nothing.

Yes Jim I'll have Dijon on a hotdog but it will be a French hotdog.
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I admit that I'm in the dijon mustard camp. I grew up (as most US kids do) on the yellow stuff, but rejected it as soon as I was of legal age. Good for squirting out of squeeze bottles, but that's about it.

I used to get BA before I learned to cook and my eyes led my tongue:) Nice photos!

I especially like the part about how everyone thinks they are as good or better than a professional cook. I encounter this quite a bit and it doesn't bother me, as I think it's a COMPLETELY different category. I love when Sra. X makes a nice plate of ziti. I would never try to replicate it. It's delicious, and it has it's place, which could easily be placed FAR above any pasta I could cook, unless it was in a restaurant/hotel/etc.
It's kinda like the argument that you don't need any kind of training or education to be a good cook; "all you need is love" cooking. Geniuses can do that.

Actually, I probably need to learn MORE of this.

There, I'm done.
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kuan , you are one master chef my friend as you sure do know how to stir the pot . What a loaded question;) . Well I realy cant try to make somthing look bad because I dont like to eat it , heck sombody must or they would not make it . I love Frenchs yellow mustard on dogs and burgers . Also potato salad , mac salad , and of course egg salad . Hey , spam has had a loyal following for years . Of course it is very hard to eat with your nose in the air . Maybe thats why the French dont carry yellow mustard , spam ,
or miracle whip in there stores? How can you justify walking around with your nose in the air while eating an American hot dog covered with yellow mustard ? Of course this is just my opinion of the conversation .
P.S. B.A. is for entertainment purposes only , preferably by french loving yuppies . :D
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Very good, chefboy,
OMG, I didn't realize I was seemingly advocating French products (dijon)! Well, I would then say what I really meant is the German style mustard. Uh, nope. Ah Ha! Polish mustard! (be careful, cause my GF is Polish:) ) That's what I meant!
I tried to think of a justifiable use for the French's yellow mustard (how ironic is THAT?), but I just can't do it. Too much cr*p in it. Miracle Whip? Sorry. I AM trying to take into consideration where you're from Chefboy, :) , but even there, you surely have better alternatives. French's and Miracle Whip are probably owned by some foreign conglomerate anyway.
I bet you make a mean potato salad though.And mustard on mac salad, never thought of it, but sounds awesome.

Please don't hurt me:p
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Well, okay... as long as it is a FRENCH hot dog, because I would hate to ask for dijon at Camden Yards or Yankee Stadium!
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