boiling an egg with runny yoke

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Oh for Pete's sake. Don't give up. If you haven't already, you should be taking notes on each attempt to keep track of what you have done before. What you're doing is just science. Time, temperature, etc.
You'll never know how close you came if you give up now. Don't be a quitter.
I've been looking forward to your Eureka! post.
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I make medium boiled eggs all the time for my Ramen at home. these are 6 minute eggs, and i have never had a problem peeling and slicing them. There is a channel on youtube, i believe it is called french guy cooking with a guy named alex. he did a demo showing soft boiled eggs at different stages, from 4 all the way to 8 minutes. i would watch that and conduct a similar experiment at home with your equipment and atmospheric pressure. i don't think it should be very difficult to dial it in to exactly what you are looking for or to get consistent results. Either way, with anything in life you should never give up. you will never fail if you keep trying. Just learn from your mistakes, adjust, and try again. control the variables and you will have success.
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I have eaten soft boiled eggs all my life, Ever seen those 1950's "egg cups" on a stand? 3 minute egg timers? Soft Boiled eggs on toast? yep... 5 minutes, it sounds like you're running them too long.

I still do them. Flash boiled, 3-4 minnutes, chill the shells immediately in ICE water and peel immediately . Eggs have to be like laid yesterday fresh. They're fragile as hell, but "complete waste of time"? That's like never making benedict because bernaisse is hard to make ergo a complete waste of time.
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