Boeing Dreamliner - it flies! last

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Watched on TV as the Dreamliner took off just now. Seems to work OK, at least so far.

Brings back memories. We lived in Seattle 1967-1972, on the eastern edge Bainbridge Island, facing Seattle across Puget Sound. We watched the maiden flight of the 747 on TV as it took off from the same Everett airport, and then looked up from the TV to see the actual one rise above the trees to our northeast and fly by the house. Very exciting.

Funny thing in those days - the 747 was so much bigger than anything seen before, that people couldn't understand what they were seeing. The impression was that you were looking at a plane that was MUCH closer than it was really, and so the angular motion of this (actually) far-away plane was so slow that you were sure that it was going about 25 miles per hour.
Took everybody in Seattle some years to get used to this.

Wish them luck with this one! :peace:

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