BlueStar verses Wolf verses DCS verses Thermador verses whatever

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I use a wall oven and cook top to survive about 3 times a week.  My wife is a very good cook but is also a working lady. So I cook for survival, and because she loves it when I help her out.

We have gone though a number of changes over the years upgrading our appliances.  We had a 1950's style kitchen when color coordinated appliances was all the rage, Fancy colors was generally more important tan performance.

Now we have recognized the value of industrial grade appliances.  Currently we have a Meile dishwasher, a Viking cook top and a 24" BlueStar oven.

For those who are not familiar with these the common thread is they are all bullet proof army field grade appliances.  They all can withstand a grenade explosion within 5 feet.  There is enough steel and iron to build a midsize SUV.

But if you like dials, clocks, computer’s these would not be your chose.  Otherwise they are good stuff.

But I am particularly impressed with the BlueStar.  A single 24 inch wall oven has the cooking capacity of two standard stacked 24 inchers.  And it has more BTU’s than most of your 36 inch ranges.  I also use it as a pottery kiln reaching temperatures’ exceeding 4000 Fahrenheit (maybe a little exaggerated)

The weight of this single oven is three times a single high-end oven of the same size.  And the temperatures are perfect with convention cooking options etc…
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