Bluefin Tuna Heads & Tails

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Joined Nov 24, 2015
A common by-product of the commercial tuna fishery is the heads and tail sections of these big bluefin tuna.

Generally, they are sold to lobster fishermen as bait.

I have been acquiring some of this freshly caught by-product and harvesting the meat.

So far I have been doing well in getting a fair amount of meat, most of which I give away. (It cannot legally be sold)

We have been playing around in the kitchen with recipes.

I am wondering if anyone has thoughts on cooking either the heads or the big tail sections. 

I welcome your input chefs.

Joined May 5, 2010
Welcome to Cheftalk Gene.

Are the cheeks intact? If so those would be a great show stopper.

By your pictures, it looks like you're getting quite a bit of good meat there.

Love tuna, wow lucky you.

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