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What do you think of meal delivery services like this? I've known a few people subscribe to blue apron in particular but there are others in the market too Do you think these are a good tool for people who don't know much about cooking?
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For people who know nothing, have no pantry or freezer already stocked it could make sense if you get a groupon deal, otherwise yeah it's kind of pricy.

For people like us.. I think it's a fun mystery box challenge. I wouldn't even follow the instructions.
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The portions are decent. Pricing - treat it as a basic restaurant meal but just prepared and eaten at home. It's nice for people who are trying to branch out and work with diff flavors and the proportions+ratios are already set. Still have to have basic prep and stovetop cooking skills IMO

I'll do a Plated or Blue Apron every once in a while but am moving away from it.

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