Bleander Warsssss

Joined Feb 4, 2005
Vitamix 7500 64-oz 17-in-1 Variable-Speed Blender w/ Aer Disc Container vs Wolfgang Puck 68 oz. High-Performance Commercial Countertop Blenderv
Who will win?
Joined Aug 21, 2004
I don't have hands on experience with either blender, but I do have with the Vita-Prep which is the commercial; version of the Vitamix 7500. The Vita-Prep is $40 cheaper than the Vitamix 7500. Both have the same basic features and look more or less the same on the surface, but the Vita-Prep has a bigger motor designed for the rigors of a professional kitchen. I have never encountered another blender that I even remotely like as much. The Vita-Prep also is designed for long life as well as for the rigors of professional kitchen life. I have had mine for probably 25 years.
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