Blast chiller with or without core temp. probe?

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I am new to blast chillers and have only used them a couple of times in amateur cooking classes.
Now I think about getting one for home (a small one, say 3x GN2/3) and dont know if I should get one without or with core temperature probe (pricier).

I can afford the probe but is it that useful? What do the pros say?
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My understanding, and I don't own a blast chiller, is that with liquids such as sauces and soups the core temperature probe is not usually used. With "solids" like meats, pans of food, etc the core temperature is what the chiller uses to determine when the proper temperature has been reached. So yes, I would only buy a unit that has a probe.
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For home use, the probe is good to have, but not that necessary.

What the probe does in a commercial setting is to let you know exactly when you can take your product out, so you can put another product in right away, saving time and energy. It also prevents you from taking the product out too soon, effecting shelf life.

At home, it's not that big a deal if you leave the food in a little too long, because you aren't like to have to use the machine constantly. Also, taking the food out too soon might effect the keeping quality a bit, but you definitely won't have to worry about ruining 50 lbs of food, so the damage is way more limited.

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