blast chiller, did you heard about it?!

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hi guys!

how technological are you in the kitchen!?I heard recently that the blast chiller is having a great success! i'm not talking about the ones in the restaurants, but the ones that you can have in your own kitchen! can you imagine?!does someone heard of it!?

i made several researches and look what i'v found!

amazing...i want it!;)


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I've read about them. While there have been times it would be nice, for a home cook, it's not useful that often.
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Never used a Home one , but same princables most likely apply. They are very good and from a health perspective they are great. They chill down a stock or sauce in 1/5 of regular time. With solids however they must be stirred once in a while. Maybe they should make them with an attached stirer.  They are not cheap.For home application I really do not think you could recoup cost.
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at the beginning i thought the same! it is not so useful and it is expensive..!

but recently I went to a culinary meeting in which a few professional explained the importance of eating the right food (fresh food) and the good eating habits and the food preservation!

They show us the blast chiller and his functions (thousand function! I was surprised)

When I came home I wasn’t sure, probably too many information ;) i thought it was a way to make me spend money! so I get informed …. Lot of people recommend it!

It is useful in keeping food fresh longer without bacterical ploriferation and deterioration, the taste of the food is much better and so on! Ah I was forgetting…more time for ourselves because the cooked food last 5/7days, and less money to spend in food!

If this is the reality I have to buy it!! ;)  
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