Black Friday food theme

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Yo guys I'm a chef from Ireland and I work in a hospital. Got called in to the gms office today. They want to treat all of the front line workers to a free lunch 😂 so they want a black Friday American theme. There will be 600 or so having food. They want to give it out in a takeaway box so the staff line up and pick 6 items and away they go. Have u guys any ideas of easy to make food ideas and slogans I could put up around the staff rooms. I was thinking sliders etc cheers my American friends
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Hey man.
Honestly I don't think that there is any official "Black Friday theme". I would just go with an American thanksgiving theme.
way easier to execute and more identifiable. Most of the food is great for take away, pies, purees, sauces, turkey(I would make turkey sanwhiches straight away instead of giving people the choice of taking only the meat), boiled or sautéed veggies, salads, etc.
Tons of options and lots of it could be cold. either way those would be my two cents on it.

good luck.
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I agree with mgm - Turkey "leftover" sandwiches would work - we like them with cranberry sauce. I've know people to add stuffing to the sandwich, and one clever food truck made bread to mimic stuffing and made the turkey sandwiches that way.

Another Thanksgiving leftover is mashed potatoes, they make a great potato pancake - make little blini type cakes and top with sour cream and onions / chives.

If you are including dessert items, apple or pumpkin mini pies or hand pies.

We've made Turkey Pasties with apple afters* and that works well. (translation - turkey hand pie with dessert filling on one end).
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