Black Eye Peas - For luck

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Tradition says we eat black eye peas on New Years Day for luck. Let's all share our favorite recipe.

I am not one to just eat a plate of black eye peas so I make this 3 bean dip that includes black eye peas. Tradition does not specify how many I need to eat so my friends and family all enjoy this delcious dip while watching football.
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While I do enjoy a plate of black-eyed peas, I also like using them to make other dishes. But on New Year's Day, they should still be combined with greens, one way or another.

One of my favorites is spicy black-eyed pea cakes, on a bed of chopped collards, topped with a dollop of salsa.
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we are having blackeyed peas and rice (similar recipe to red beans and rice)

our homegrown collards with ham shanks

skillet corn bread (no sugar, as corn bread is meant to be)

napa cabbage slaw

my pecan pie

do I need a case of JAX beer?  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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Covering the bases for good luck - both   local  traditions  - here  in Great Lakes area its German ( pork & kraut) ,  and also  blackeyed pea salad for a southern spin.

Making  Bigos, a  traditional Polish kraut stew crammed with beef, pork, kielbasa & mushrooms, will serve with cabbage and black bread, and  a cold blackeyed pea salad with celery, grren onion, pimiento, feta etc    Sweetish  red wine  dressing with touch of balsamic.

Happy ( and LUCKY) New Year everyone..
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Making a simple turkey chili with black eyed peas and navy beans in the ol' crockpot. we'll see how it turns out, but it's starting to smell good.
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We forgot to make these for the traditional NYEve meal but my wife wanted me to use the can she bought anyway.

i was just going to put them in the sauce pan and heat n' eat but they were pretty Narsty just out of the can. 

I added about 1 tsp chulula hot sauce

                     1 tsp puree chipotle in adobo

                     2-3 tsp (or a Tbsp) of honey

it really wasn't too bad, I'm sure I need to tweek the honey amount because you could really taste the sweetness all throughout but the spicy kick at the end was nice.

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