Bittersweet lemonade.....

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    Well, not lemonade, but chocolate.  I make 22 varieties of bars for wholesale, and have them in about a dozen supermarkets.  On Friday this week I get a call from one of the stores placing an order, but also asking me to "pick up the expired product".  My bars have a shelf life of 6-9 mths, and I also "check up" on the stores on a monthly basis, noting the expiry dates and informing the dept mngr of what is close to expiry and the odd bar that has past.  While this isn't my job, and most of the stores are Unionized and won't let me touch my product once it gets past the receiving bay,  it's something I do as a courtesy (perhaps to increase sales as well?)

    When I got to the store, my expired product was sitting in a bannana box, about $400.00 worth of product, my heart was in my shoes.  I had a quick peek, some of the expiry dates were almost 18 mths old!  While I do have a policy of giving back a partial refund on expired product, there's no way in he77 I'm a'gonna refund on product 18 mths past expiry.  Pretty sure it was shoved in box and sat on a shelf for a year until someone found it again.

    But that has nothing to do with lemonade...

    I opened up a bar of the oldest product and had a peek...  Hmmm.... no bloom, no breaks, no spoilage.  Stale, yes, but other than that no other issues.  Same with the others.  Some did have bloom, but they were also mis-shapen, indicating that they had sat somewhere too close to a heat source.  But the fillings were fine, no mold, no spoilage, no off-flavours.  Stale yes, but other than that no other issues.

    That, for me was quite a pat on the back, and has me re-thinking about extending my expiry date periods.  The bittersweet part is how I'm going to nicely tell the dept. mngr he's not getting any kind of a refund on my stuff that is over 4 weeks past it's expiry date.......
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    Well done FP!

    I agree with your suspicions....

    My SIL is the food manager for a "big box store" and was always finding merchandise stuck behind and under other things.

    Started watching the night stockers (you're on Candid Camera!) and noticed the closer it got to clock time the more creative one of the stockers became.

    Bagged cereal not staying stacked on the shelf?

    No problem...just poke a hole in the bag with your box cutter and push the protective air out!

    I cannot look at that brand without chuckling.....certainly will never buy it. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif