Bitterness in cooked foods

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I work creating stews for.myself. I use stainless steel and cast iron skillets to create my stews with emphasis on vegetables. I use various spices always experimentation from international cultures which are derived from Hispanic, Indian, Asian spices and vegtables..most if the time my stews come out with a bitterness finish on my palete. I haven't figured on.what is
I try to correct the bitterness with abit of sweetness, sourness like vinegar, chocolate...since I try to stay away from flours, grains, legumes to correct or dilute the bitterness. Any ideas? Thanks
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I only use well seasoned cast iron for oily or non-acidic foods.
Boiling acidic foods/tomatoes in unseasoned cast iron will definitely give an off taste.

Sometimes expired/badly mixed spices give an off /bitter taste (happened to me - crappy ras el hanout).
If you're unsure, heat up a bit of oil & slightly fry the suspect spice & taste it.

Touching anything with concentrated Bitrex (denatonium benzoate) lately?
That stuff will leave a bitter taste in your fingers/equipment for days!
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Do you toast the spices? If so, perhaps you are over toasting them a bit, which could cause a bitterness on the finish.
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Lots of factors involved - Rawness or unripeness of ingredients, imbalance of flavors, worn out or older cookware, overemphasis on certain root vegatables... Need more info to diagnose it.
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