Bitter Almonds

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Does anyone know how to obtain these or bitter almond flavoring to be used in cooking?

I have as a substitute used the kernel from apricots/peaches on occasion. But, man, what a job opening the pit! Any suggestions for an easier way than banging at them (wrapped in towel) with a hammer?

Also, I'm unclear as to whether to post a question like this in this forum or in Pastry Chef's Corner.
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The best bitter almond oil from france, you need only drops not tsp or Tbl to obtain a fragrant bitter almond product. I believe it is their brand
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I posted a question once about a product I bought in London called Ratafia Essence. By a process of deduction the fabulous keepers of knowldge on this site determined that it was in fact a bitter almond essence. I wasn't able to get any in San Francisco and it was by chance I saw it in the store in London. (Just a regular grocery store.)

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