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Hi everybody. I have some questions about biscuit ingredients and how specific ingredients will affect the end result.

My bisquit recipe calls for a combination of AP flour and cake flour. Am I correct that using only cake flour will make for a lighter, fluffier biscuit? Is there any reason to use a combo of both?

Similarly, my recipe calls for both butter and shortening. What would happen to taste and texture if I just used butter? Again, is there a reason to use a combo? Will all butter give me a richer flavor with no sacrifice of texture?

Thank you everybody.

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I have a feeling a biscuit made with all cake flour would not taste great to start with, and might not have a lot of texture, be somewhat gummy. the ap flour would strengthen the dough a little. the butter shortening thing, I don't know. I use half and half to make pie dough, shortening for more tenderness (more shortening per oz of stuff) and butter for flavor. In a biscuit I would go with all butter.
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Shortening is better for aeration. Butter is better for taste. Combining them gets the best of both.

Gee, I love Cookwise.
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I ditto both previous responses.
Definately don't make an all cake flour biscuit, it won't give your a normal biscuit. It will be cakie, very fine crumb and lacking in taste.

I prefer to make mine with all ap. flour and all butter. Brush the tops lightly with buttermilk before baking, after baking while their very hot dip in melted butter for the richest biscuit.

Remember that it's your techinque that make these good. Don't over mix..........your recipe has added shortening and cake flour for people that have heavy hands (in my opinion).
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I also use all AP flour and all butter. I agree with W., that the cake flour protects the dough from the effects of over-handling, but it's better to just treat the dough with care. All butter will always taste better than shortening, and again, mixed correctly, you'll obtain the same lightness as you would with shortening.
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Thank you everyone.

I will go with just AP flour, all butter, and "light" hands.


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