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    The 28th of this month is my birthday and I want to make two cakes that will blow my mind. I want a chocolate cake and a vanilla cake. I am having trouble finding a recipe that just says wow to me. On the chocolate cake I want It very chocolaty, but I'm not too fond of mocha or dark chocolate, white chocolate would be okay as a ganche I suppose but I prefer milk chocolate. Vanilla cake well I am a loss at how to expand on that one. Living in a small town it is harder to get fancy ingredients on a whim. So the simpler the better.

    Sorry if this in the wrong forum, brand new here.

      Thanks to everyone thank views this or answers.
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    well if you want something that will blow your mind,  then you cannot go with everyday type of flavors such as milk chocolate and vanilla.  These are good flavors,  but they sound very ordinary for a very special occasion.    Go with flavor that are unusual. 
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    Or.... go with the normal flavors and do them really really well.  Personally, I prefer simple flavors but done exceedingly well.  And for cakes, there is no flavoring i would prefer than chocolate or vanilla,. 

    I suggest for the vanilla cake, that you try Rose Beranbaum's white chocolate whisper cake.  It doesn;t taste at all of chocolate, the white chocolate just gives it a creamy texture, that i've never had elsewhere.  If you put

    "white chocolate whisper cake" Beranbaum cheftalk

    (using the quotation marks as above) into google you should find a recipe.  or without the cheftalk - i believe i did post it here somewhere, though.  Don't use the cheftalk search function because it will give you every single recipe with the word white, with the word chocolate, with the word whisper, etc.  Google uses the function that takes into account the quotation marks. 

    If you like milk chocolate, then I would frost with a light ganache (using less chocolate and more cream).  and lots of it.
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    Welcome to ChefTalk Cowboy ,

    Your in the right forum by the way.

    I was going over your thread and realized that you do like chocolate but......
    So I thought of this for an idea. One vanilla cake (The "whisper cake" suggested by Sirduri is a great pick) and a chocolate cake, combine the layers, and add a milk chocolate frosting, and you will get this: (google pic). You will end up with all the flavors you basically like in an attractive , great tasting cake. I don't know, it's just a suggestion.