biggest draw back of being a cook.....

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i think the biggest draw back of being a cook is very limited.. if any at all... PATIENTS (as i wait for my chocolate to temper) lol

so.. my hat is off to you ALL you knows the benifts of being patient!

*i wonder if it is tempered yet* lol
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The trick to having patients, is multi tasking. We never do one thing at a time.........your always juggling stages. That's kind of what keeps pastry chefs quite and looking angry to other chefs. It's the minute staging and waiting for exact timings like when the gelatin is starting to set, when the eggs at are their fullest, when you have to pull something out of the oven. Chefs juggle too but their timing isn't usually as critical (to the second) during prep work, they're "on" when their plating/working the line (which is when pastry chefs can start to relax and just plate).
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