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I'm really glad I found this forum. I am seriously considering a career change over the next few years, and have been looking for a place to get personal insight on schools, jobs, types of chefing, etc.

I live in Austin, Texas. There are several reputable schools here, the most well-known being the Texas Culinary Academy - a Cordon Bleu program. Other programs in the area include the Austin Community College Culinary Arts Program and the Culinary Academy of Austin.

I would very much like to get any feedback anyone has on the relative strenghts and weaknesses of these programs.

Also, while it would mean a much greater time/financial sacrifice, I am very much considering biting the bullet and going to CIA. But I need to weigh the benefits very carefully. I would also love any feedback on a CIA vs non CIA education.

I have many more questions, and about a million things on my mind, but I think I'll keep this first posting short and sweet. Mostly wanted to say Hello, or Howdy if you're from Texas.

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Welcome! You'll find people here who are just like you, and people who are totally different. That's what's so great about it here! Read all the boards, all the posts, and you'll probably find a lot of answers to the questions you want to ask but haven't even though of yet! And ask your own questions, too. It's a very warm, sharing place here!
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Hi Kent, Welcome to cheftalk.

The only way we will let you post is if you give us your BBQ tips
Just kidding (Not:D )

Anyway, welcome and enjoy
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Nice ot meet you, Live2Cook. What drew you to culinary arts? Are you a home cook? What type of cooking interests you most (pastry, etc.)? You'll find plenty of good advice and more than a few belly laughs here. Be sure to check out the culinary students' forum and cruise through our archives, too. Never a dull moment on this board!
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I'm a newbie too, as I mentioned before, but just thought I'd toss my 2 cents in - I'd say go after your dream! life is oh-so-short and it's nice if you love what you do!
Whatever you decide however, I wish you the best!
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