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Well to start off, Im a 21 year old Chef from Aus. Have all my certificates etc and have been working in Restuarants since i was 15. About 3 months ago i decided i need a bit of adventure, i wanted to get out there an really see what everyone else is doing all over the world, and gain as much knowledge as i can to open a Restaurant of my own in later years. (approx when im 29) So ive been cleared for my visa to work in the Uk for two years, while im there i want to learn french and later work in france for a period of time. I leave here on the 5th of August. Any of the senior chefs have some advice? any info would be great. Thanks in advance.
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You have the cooking and back of house experience, now get the business savy . Negotiating skills, some  accounting, learn labor laws, some understanding, leases etc.

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