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Putting together a menu for an event next month. 5 courses, each paired with a beer; I am not having any trouble with a spicy lager or IPA on the menu but the rest are all BIG. By big, I mean high ABV, barrel aged Imperial Stouts, the same beer 3 ways. One just standard barrel aged, one double of that and another variant with cinnamon and vanilla. I want to pair gorgonzola stuffed bacon wrapped dates with the standard BA one, but am not sure as far as the others, which will be the third and fourth. Looking for any insight or help on this....maybe lamb, steak, spicy chicken. Maybe oysters for third? I still have time, just getting the wheels turning at this point
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One good trick for things like this is to use some of the beer in the prep of the protein. So, for example, Barrel Aged beer braised Pork Shank, short rib, etc...etc. The big concern for this is having the sauce come out bitter by over reducing the braising sauce. So lighter "jus" style or "broth" style sauces are better here. 

Think toasty, roast-y, smokey flavors. 

Cinnamon Vanilla makes me think of coffee, cocoa, etc. Coffee and cocoa rubbed venison, beer jus, etc. Or a dessert course? Chocolate, coffee based dessert? Pot-de-creme? (something easy for multi person beer dinner)

Oysters are interesting. Some sort of stout based "cocktail" sauce that would work with the oysters? Again, think smoky, roasty, nutty, etc. Maybe something like a smoked maple and stout cocktail sauce (ketchup, bit of horseradish, lemon, shallot, beer reduction, smoked maple, touch of soy or worcheseterchishiresisshire sauce). You'd have to balance the maple so its not too sweet, but it could work. I'm usually against cocktail sauce, but hey, when specifically pairing like this is could work. (I mean, just give me a squeeze of lemon and some champagne, come on)

Beer battered fish/veggies/garnish. Use the beer in the batter (obvi). 

Why are they doing 3 BA stouts in a row in a beer dinner? 
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Careful reducing beer, you enhance the hop bitterness a LOT!

I made a pot of chili yesterday, used 1/4 of a bottle of a chocolate milk stout in it. Went well with the sweet pairing against the tomato, chocolate and chili's pair well...

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