Better way to strain sauce

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When making chili, I make a chili paste by blending a stockpot reduction and passing it through a strainer with a wooden spoon.
It is a very tiresome process.
I was thinking maybe a large piece of cheesecloth and heat gloves to wring out.

Any other good ideas for techniques?



Plus more waste than I like.
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I’m not exactly sure how you are making your Chile paste... or what Chile’s you are using. But...

For dried red Chile’s here’s a plan:
Stem and de-seed the pepper
Roast lightly on ungeased griddle
Soak in boiling water until rehydrated.
Put in a blender with enough water to blend into a paste.
Blend enough to make even the skins too small to worry about.
Fry the Chile paste in lard or oil.
Use it in your dish

For fresh green Chile’s...
Roast until the skins blacken
Put in bowl and cover with plastic wrap for 15 or 20 minutes
Stem and de-seed
Put in blender with just enough water
Use in your dish.
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This is the best thing I find for straining stuff. I used to have a lot of problem straining my raspberry sauce; well, no more.

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Thanks All! butzy butzy A Mouli is exactly what I was thinking of, just couldn't remember the name. They are a pain to clean though. Now I have to decide between that and the strainer cheflayne cheflayne posted. Back in my commercial kitchen days, we pressed the sauce through a colander with the bottom of a stockpot.

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