Better late than never?

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Those who've already seen me post might reverse the second and fourth word in the subject line above, but I digress.

I wish I'd have perused the forums in depth before posting but alas, I did not.  I regret it for multiple reasons, not the least of which being that I made myself look like a douchenozzle (can we say that on here?) with my very first the wrong thread...and in regards to something I didn't fully read.  I will say again, not my best introduction but sadly, not my worst.

Whether it's caused confusion, distaste or otherwise hasn't been specifically mentioned to me but my profile name/user name is Chef Bazookas.  I am not a Chef.   My nickname has been Chef Bazookas for over 15 years and was originally bestowed lovingly upon me by the kitchen staff and Executive Chef of the hotel restaurant I managed.  I was apparently fairly bossy with very little filter and even less regard for the boundaries of the departments.  Bazookas came from the same folks but for different reasons I shant delve into.

I worked nearly 10 years in F&B (as a hotel restaurant manager and subsequently a hotel banquet manager) before moving into the corporate world of budgets and finance in the administrative health science arena.  Although I'm afforded evenings and weekends off, lots of paid vacation and holidays and tons of flexibility, I miss the hotel and food service industry.  I miss meeting different people every day.  I miss colorful personalities and unconventional methods.  I miss drama.  I miss split second decision-making and crisis aversion.  And I've been missing them since I left 7 years ago.

I am now finishing up my Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management baccalaureate degree to complement the business degree I already have.  I'm strongly considering doing a two-year stint at the culinary institute a chef friend of mine runs because that's the only way I'll be able to utilize his time and expertise.  My family owns an organic farm and we supply several area restaurants with fresh produce and seasonal items, namely morels. 

Ultimately, I'm a knowledge-hungry foodie who doesn't want to become a Professional Chef but does want to change careers and remain in the food/hospitality industry until I'm either kicked out or fall out.

Me.  Nutshell.

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You have certainly led a broadly-based learning curve - so welcome to ChefTalk!

We have members from around the globe(I'm Scots) - and all levels of expertise - I'm an enthusiastic amateur who has done LOADS of cookery courses around the globe!

Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting.  The photography and articles on here are well worth your perusal!
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Nice to meet you, Ishbel!

I appreciate the welcome.  See you around ChefTalk.  I shall peruse until my eyeballs scream.


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