Best way to pre-prep chicken legs (drumstick and thigh)

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Hi all,

I'm catering for an event on Tuesday (18 people) and my plan is to serve chicken legs with garlic and rosemary roasted fondant new potatoes, a warm green bean salad, zhoug and a garlic aioli. It's just me doing the event so I want to prep as much as I can the day before, plus at the venue I've only got one small oven and five hobs so I can probably only fit the chicken or potatoes in it and the rest will have to be finished on the hob. I wanted to partially cook everything ahead and then finish off just prior to service however I'm still wondering the best way to do this. My main concern is the chicken. Any ideas of the best way of doing this to tick all food safety boxes and ensure the chicken isn't dry?

Also, happy to hear ideas for the other elements of the dish if you think something else might work better.

Thanks in advance...


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Yes, very lightly brine the chicken and chop the knuckle off the drumstick. I would just cook it all the way at the site because you're going to spend a lot of time browning, chilling, and then bringing it back up to temp takes almost the same amount of time anyway.

I would blanch the potatoes and cook them at the site also.
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You could braise it the day before and then reheat it gently the next day.
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I don't like doing it, but you could lightly cook your chicken (till just cooked) and then reheat and brown on the grill.
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