Best way to learn how to dice?

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i kind of saddens me to see how far in my career i have gotten yet i don't know how to properly dice. i've learned in school but it was never really practiced all that much and every establishment i've worked at we never really used it.

Wondering what is the best way to learn? Besides obviously practice. what i mean by this is like what vegetables would be good to practice on as well as maybe like some video's/pointers for reference.
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There's really nothing to it. Basically, all you need is practice.

Just practice on whatever veg you want to eat, or if you don't want to eat, just practice on the cheapest thing you can buy.
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Potatoes, carrots and onions and celery. Plenty of videos on youtube. Knife handling is most important to prevent cutting yourself. Speed develops with practice. When finished, make a stew or salad or soup with the dice.
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well there are 3 or 4 basic knife motions with say, a chef knife.
Free form chopping is the fastest, but the most challenging for accuracy as
the blade is leaving the block each time.
You need accuracy for uniform dicing, the rocking is what i mostly use,
or the slicing (sawing) for onions. Depends.
Carrort and other hard cylindricals are the most challenging.
Only other i can think of, besides youtube vids, is stay completely
consistent in how you do it-- this is what lets you develop the muscle
memory leading to dazzling jaw dropping speed. (and maybe an opening
at Benihana's)
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This is Rick Theory in slow motion, he has vid of the same but going double speed.

He has vids doing all manner of dices.
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