Best way to grill with wood?

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Hi Steve, 

I have cooked many of your recipes and my favorite is your VietNamese baby back ribs with Nuoc Cham and peanuts... absolutely fantastic and now one of my staple recipes. 

Younger I used to grill over live wood fires in the mountains, and fell in love with the wood fire grilling flavor. At home, I have a weber charcoal grill, and a gas grill, but neither gives me the depth of flavor wood fires impart to food. 

I have been wondering what would be the best way to cook over a wood fire at home. Do you cook over wood fires? What have you found works best? 

Thank you!
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Am in complete agreement on cooking over wood and have become fascinated with wood-burning grills like the Aztec and The Grillery. (Next week, we're looking forward to the arrival at Barbecue University of a stylish grill crafted by Thomas Coates. I believe his website is, but you can Google it if that's incorrect. He's delivering it himself, and bringing the cherry wood to burn in it.) But you can grill over wood in your Weber kettle, too. Some people line it with firebrick first; I don't bother. I put wood chunks in chimney starters and light them just as I would charcoal. The flavor, as you point out, is incomparable.
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Just wanted to let you know that I tried to send a reply earlier, French Fries, but got a memo back saying it would have to be reviewed by a moderator since I'm new to this forum. Hopefully, the original reply will appear soon. I'll check back later.


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There are times the automation makes one want to remove one's hair forcefully.  The post has been restored.

The spam filter seems a bit sensitive to the combination of proper nouns and the same noun reappearing in a link. Besides being a master griller, you have intuitively deduced the formula for spam.
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