Best way to clean a griddle?

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I have a Garland griddle, 3M Scotch Bright works great for deep cleaning, but what's the best way to clean for daily use? I have a pumice griddle brick but once it's used it gets smooth on one side and is less effective.
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This was a similar thread a few months ago.

Hands down the best way to clean a griddle, every day, is oil, salt, griddle brick.  Scrape off the residue, pour about a cup of oil, about a 1/2 cup kosher salt and the polish with a stone.  Use griddle scraper to remove oil and salt, wipe griddle, and then rub a little oil onto it.

I always teach my crew that a a flattop griddle is like a cast iron pan, you want to keep it seasoned so it performs beautifully.  I never allow them to use griddle cleaner.  Griddle cleaner will strip away the beautiful seasoning.
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Does all griddles get like that in the of the day? Looks like a farm of acrylamides  :(
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